This Super-Muscly Kangaroo Crushes Metal Buckets for Fun

There must be something in the water Down Under. Just in May, a large, surprisingly muscly kangaroo was hanging out in a neighbourhood of Brisbane, Australia, just doing what male kangaroos do — eating grass, working out, chatting up babes and making headlines. But now he has a challenger.

1. Roger giving you two tickets to the gun show.

Roger, who resides at the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, stands two-metres tall with a weight of 89 kilograms. His pectorals are impressive, to say the least.


2. Roger crushing buckets.

Found as an orphan joey around eight years ago by Chris Brolga, the star of television show Kangaroo Dundee, Roger has been raised at the sanctuary. Roaming 50 acres and grazing on hay, grass and grain, this guy likes to kick box and crush metal buckets for fun.


3. Roger as a Joey.


4. Roger and his bunny.

Tahnee Barns, who works at the Kangaroo Sanctuary, assured Mashable Australia his size was completely normal for an alpha red male kangaroo. “He’s still growing so he’ll get bigger,” she said. “The bigger they are, the more likely they are to win the females.”

He’s pretty strong and fights other kangaroos from time to time, she added. He will sometimes make a run at Brolga because they’re the same height and he sees him as competition, Barns said.

He may be all Arnold Schwarzenegger now, but like all of us, this guy also has embarrassing photos from his teen years. Here he is clutching a plush bunny.

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