18 Family Photos Gone Wrong… Very Wrong

Family photos are so much fun! But who knew they could be so dangerous and uh, well unintentionally inappropriate? If these family photos don’t make you laugh, nothing will!

“Let swing the children”

“Line them up tallest to shortest!”

“Just gather in front of this sign”

Image Credit: About.com

“Everyone jump on three!”

“Naked babies are cute”

“Just keep smiling”

“Let’s get pooch in the picture”

“Just the kids in this one”

“The pier will be a great background”

“Let’s just do a silly one”

Image Credit: NotAlwaysRelated.com

“One more”

“These letters will be adorable”

That dog has seen too much…

Image Credit: Babble.com

“One photo and then you can pee”

“The Others are coming”

“Everybody looks great!”

Image Credit: Reddit

“Steve, you hold the baby for this one”

“Come on, dad! One silly one!”

Image Credit: Reddit

Image Credit: Reddit

Image Credit: Reddit

Image Credit: Reddit

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