Beatboxer Tom Thum Performs ‘Word to Spread’ R&B Acappella Original

Tom Thum has come a long way since he started rapping in the Brisbane, Australia hip-hop scene. One of the few hip-hop artists ever asked to give a TED Talk, he has also won the World Beatbox Championship team competition and came in second at the Scribble Jam Beatbox Battles.

Beatboxer Tom Thum Performs 'Word to Spread' R&B Acappella OriginalHis art has taken him to every corner of the globe. It was during those travels that he recorded the song “Word To Spread” which took over 3 years to complete.

Utilizing the natural ambient noise from his travels, his beatboxing and amazing voice, he carefully crafted this subtle, yet gorgeous R&B song. The result is something that would sound right at home on pop radio. It’s a remarkable feat of planning, engineering and old-fashioned vocal ability.

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