A Love Story with a Beautiful Ending After Bride Loses Her Wedding Memories

Justice Stamper suffered a traumatic brain injury just 19 DAYS after her dream wedding, and lost all her memories of that special day. So her husband, Jeremy, decided to give her a day she would never forget.

For Jeremy and Justice Stamper, their love story began early when they met at their Sunday school church back when they were just 10 and 11 years old. After years of separation, the two rekindled their relationship during their high school years.

“She asked a friend for my number and we hit it off ever since,” Stamper said. “I guess you could say it was a childhood crush. I thought she was the cutest thing ever. We dated for 11 months and then got engaged.”

They exchanged vows on Aug. 1, 2014 and then, 19 days later, tragedy struck.

Justice was driving to meet up with her husband when her car was struck from behind.

She survived, but suffered multiple injuries and memories of the planning, the wedding day, the honeymoon, and everything they had experienced together were completely wiped from her mind.

When her symptoms didn’t go away, Stamper said the family’s physician diagnosed Justice with a concussion and post traumatic stress disorder. As she began her recovery process, Stamper said his wife revealed that she was unable to remember what would’ve been the most memorable day of her life — their wedding day.

They decided to have the second wedding on their one-year anniversary — August 1, 2015 — but being a young couple, money is tight.

At a suggestion of their friend, they started a GoFundMe page. But when their story was picked up by local media outlets, the community pulled together and practically everything is now covered.

The couple is thrilled and highly anticipating the big day.

I’m absolutely looking forward to seeing his face when I come down the aisle,” Justice said. “That is the moment I want to see — and remember.”

“It means everything to me,” Jeremy said. “That’s one memory that everyone should have, not just one but both of them, and now whether her memory comes back or not we will have that together.”

This story was originally written and published by Twenty Two Words.

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