For more than a decade, Nathaniel Kendrick — newly retired from the City of Dallas — became better known as “Mr. Kent” and has been a friendly and helpful face at Dallas’ Lakewood Elementary as a crossing guard, but a family setback took him away from the school he loves.

This Surprising Gift for a Beloved Crossing Guard is Absolutely Heartwarming!“It’s wonderful; I enjoy it,” Kendrick said.

Twice a day, for hours at a time, he owns this crosswalk. He’s a man who cares for children, while at the same time caring for his sick wife as her health, and their finances deteriorate.

“My mother told me long before she passed, ‘Take care of your wife.’ So I try my best,” Kendrick said.

But despite doing his best, his car was repossessed.

That’s when a group of dads who are part of the Friends of Lakewood community group stepped in to help by getting Kendrick some new transportation.

“What we decided to do was to get in the car, pull it around the corner, and park it in the middle of the crosswalk … nobody does that,” said Russell McMillan, one of the organizers of the surprise.

His response to this incredible surprise is priceless. Watch the video above to see the surprise that shocked Kendrick to the point of speechlessness!

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