Taylor Swift Proves She’s Just as Awesome as Her Fans Claim She Is!

Even if you’re not a fan of Taylor Swift’s music, this is one of the many reasons to respect her as a person and role model.

This story might make you want to become a Swifty!

A fan named Jill posted on tumblr that she was attending the 2015 Grammys and Taylor saw it.

“When I posted on tumblr I was going to the grammys and Taylor commented and on another post she said the second reply. I AM ACTUALLY SHAKING. WHAT IS GOING ON?

Image Credit: Instagram


“I didn’t want to get my hopes up because I didn’t want to be crushed and I know how much Taylor has going on at the Grammys,” she wrote on her Tumblr page. “So I wouldn’t be that sad if it didn’t happen.”

Swift’s publicist found Jill during the ceremony and escorted her to the VIP section under the stage. Taylor recognized Jill right away.

“Right when I saw her, she said JILL!!!,” she wrote on Instagram. “And we got to talk for 3 minutes… Best day of my life. 2/8/15.”

Taylor told her she looked beautiful, hugged her and demanded to take a second selfie because Taylor thought she looked creepy in the first one.

Image Credit: Instagram

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