Swedish Bartender’s Strong Resemblance to ’90s Leonardo DiCaprio is Uncanny

If you’ve ever mourned the loss of ’90s heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, fear not — he has clearly been reborn, like a phoenix from the ashes, in the form of Swedish bartender Konrad Annerud.

Konrad Annerud’s strong resemblance to Leo is truly uncanny.

“I get to hear that I look like him quite often, especially since I work as a bartender in a nightclub,” Annerud tells Swedish news site nyheter24.se.

But it’s fun to be like him, he’s handsome.

Right you are, Konrad. However, the handsome Swede says that being so good looking comes with serious consequences.

“When I was in Italy this summer, I almost felt like shaving my hair off. It was very chaotic; people were yelling ‘Leo’ and wanted to take photos with me all the time. It was one of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced.”

I’m sure it’s extremely trying to look like a handsome young Leo – and don’t worry about the fact you don’t have an Oscar, neither does the real Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo approves.

Image Credit: The Great Gatsby / Warner Bros. Pictures

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