Remember your first time standing on a high-dive board at the local pool? it was a little terrifying, right? What was it, 10 feet high? Imagine what it would be like to stand on a platform nearly 193 feet high, perched on a cliff above a natural pool of water. No thanks.

Height: 58.8m or 192.9 ft
Top Speed: 123km/h or 76 mph
Water Depth: 8m or 26 ft
Hang Time: 3.58 seconds

Standing on that platform would surely quicken your pulse and make you draw in your breath and wonder how anyone could survive this kind of a drop. But Laso Schaller not only stood there and contemplated the leap — he made it, setting a new world record along the way. Watch it happen in the video player above.

Once you get above 80 feet, everything starts to look and feel the same.

The Brazilian-born, Swiss-raised 27-year-old is a canyoning expert, using rope, harness and other rigging to descend rivers in ways few others have before. In fact, he has numerous first descents to his name.

Of course, in canyoning, there’s another way to get down that doesn’t involve the hassle of ropes, anchors or belay devices: you just jump. Schaller’s picked up a reputation for being the most fearless of all; he regularly leaps from 80, 95 or even 115-foot cliffs with nary a thought.

But almost 193 feet, higher than anyone has ever jumped before him? That takes some thought.

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