15-Year-Old Hip Hop Dancer with One Arm Doesn’t Let Anything Get in Her Way

15-Year-Old Hip Hop Dancer with One Arm Doesn't Let Anything Get in Her Way

Dance… who needs two arms? Lexi Daniels proves every day that in order to pursue your passion – and to be an awesome dancer – two arms is just not a requirement. Dance… who needs two arms?

Lexi Daniels’ Instagram bio states this and she proves it each and every day.

The 15-year-old Columbus, Ohio resident proves that you don’t need to two arms to pursue your passion or to be an amazing dancer!

Over the weekend, Lexi and her dance studio competed at JUMP Dance Convention in Pittsburgh. Part of the convention was being able to participate in master classes with some of the industry’s top choreographers; during class with WilldaBeast Adams – who has choreographed for Usher, Madonna, T-Pain, Zendaya and more — Lexi performed a solo dance was filmed on her own! She absolutely nailed it.
WilldaBeast wrote this in the video description on YouTube…

Had to call this girl out and give her light and make her feel special, because she is. #inspired

Take a look at her awesome performance!

Lexi says that sometimes, she compares her arm just like people compare their face to others: “I compare my arm to the way we all have different faces,” she says. “I was born like that.” Growing up so different from everyone wasn’t always easy, either.

Fortunately, the teasing never stopped Lexi from becoming a confident, passionate dancer. If anything, she has been more of an inspiration for other kids who have struggled just like her.”I want everyone considered ‘disabled’ to prove to everyone else that they are nowhere near disabled if they put their mind to a goal. It will not be easy and not everyone will support you, but in the end when you achieve what you have always wanted, it will be worth it,” she said.

Here are a few more photos that show Lexi’s love for dancing…





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