Arnold and The Predator

Running for office was a big gamble on Arnold’s part. His political victories were never certain until he got the crucial Predator endorsement.

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Batman and Bane

A shared experience can often help people bond. In this case, wearing a mask and having no one be able to understand anything they’re saying has brought together Batman and Bane.

Luke Skywalker and Grand Moff Tarkin

Apparently, Grand Moff Tarkin was a delight to be around on the set. A famous story from the shoot mentions that the boots Peter Cushing was given did not fit well, so he performed all of his scenes wearing fuzzy slippers.

The Bride and O-Ren

O-Ren seems pretty happy with her haircut. She did ask them to just take a little bit off the top, but was pleasantly surprised with her final look.

Batman and the Joker

Why Batman and the Joker would stop to pose for a photo together makes no sense. Still, we love the “Oh, you lovable rascal” look that Batman is giving him.

James Bond and Henchman

You can tell everything from the looks on their faces in this one. Bond probably tried to kick him in the face, then slipped and fell and they both abandoned their mission to burst into laughter.

Freddy and the Elm Street Kids

The ladies want Freddy. The men (including Johnny Depp) want to be Freddy.

Neo and Agent Smith

Neo and Agent Smith started out as rivals, but they started chatting on AIM one day and realized they had a lot in common. Now they send each other links all day via Facebook.

Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris usually doesn’t hug people. However, when Bruce Lee asks you to do something, you do it.

Hogwarts Reunion

It’s amazing how the addition of a nose and lack of a grey filter can turn Lord Voldemort from the manifestation of pure evil to a guy you just want to grab a beer with. Same goes for Bellatrix Lestrange, who looks like she’s ready for an 80s prom.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers

You can’t have your own brother try to kill you for 20 years without eventually growing attached to him. Evil or not, that just shows that you’re always in his thoughts.

Thor and Loki

The same goes for Thor and Loki, who honestly don’t seem to enjoy fighting that much. If they weren’t gods who cause tons of destruction, their “fights” would probably be more of the “giving each other wedgies” variety.

Ripley and the Alien

When they first met, Ripley and Alien were young and impulsive, so they fought like cats and dogs. Now that each is getting up there in age, they realize that life’s too short to burn the other one with a flamethrower or rip their chest open, so they’ve buried the hatchet.

Jaws and Quint

Since they were filming out on the water, neither Jaws nor Quint had a director’s chair to sit in, so they made the best of it. They also often shared cigarettes during smoke breaks.

Dracula and Frankenstein

Dracula doesn’t drink wine but apparently he smokes cigars with his best pal, Frankie. The Wolf Man is just out of the frame checking out the craft services table with The Mummy.

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