Family Creates Backyard Oasis That Would Put the Professionals to Shame

Von Bubenberg wanted his family to be able to relax in the backyard, so with the help of some friends, he created this INCREDIBLE oasis! Who wouldn’t want to have a gorgeous backyard like this?!

This is what the yard looked like starting off…

My dad planned to build a swimming pond/natural swimming pool all by himself.

View from the roof of the sunroom.

Finally, the excavator showed up!

Here you can see the water conduit for the “fountain”. The conduits are all leading into the garage where the filter system will be.

Placement of the felt onto the whole future pond.

On top of the felt, we put one huge pond liner. My father ordered all materials in germany. There is actually quiet a community around those DIY’ers.

This is the filter system for circulating the water from the pond through those barrels.

We had to fill the pond with those SUPER heavy rocks. We were 5 men and worked around 8 hours to build the walls of the pond. We were tired to death by sunset.

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