Staying organized feels like a little more work than it should be sometimes, but here are three AWESOME tips to whip your powder room into tip-top shape!

1. The Problem: Too Many Hair Products

The Solution: Wine Rack

How you ended up with three cans of hairspray and four cans of mousse, you’ll never know. But the easiest way to keep them in order is to stack them on a tabletop wine rack.

Image Credit: Cosmopolitan


2. The Problem: Rogue Nail Polishes

The Solution: Cookie Jar

Instead of hiding them in a drawer or banishing them to a box, put all of your fancy polishes in a see-through cookie jar. Maybe next time you head out to get a manicure, you’ll actually remember to bring your own polis

Image Credit: HGTV


3. The Problem: Not Enough Counter Space

The Solution: A Tray Table

You’ve put all your stuff in its proper container…but you’ve got zero counter space left to display it. Set up a tray table to hold some of your goods–like all of your makeup–so it’s at the ready.

Image Credit: Devon Rachel
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