25+ Hilariously Horrible and Inappropriate Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without some ugly sweaters—and these are ugly—super ugly.

Don’t let their sweaters distract you from the fact that there’s ALSO A BABY GOAT IN A SANTA HAT!

Image Credit: LCC Golden Eagles

You complete me.

Image Credit: Biscuits n’ Crazy

Even Rudolph is horrified.

Image Credit: Snappy Pixels

It’s like ugly sweater inception.

It’s the Bumble!

Image Credit: Etsy.com

And if he’s not enough, here’s the whole cast of the film.

Image Credit: Pinterest

The added bonus is you get a workout by hauling around this whole sweater.

Image Credit: Funny Potato

What’s going on under that tree?

Image Credit: Bored Panda

Grandpa is now cut off from the rum cake.

Frosty, what a big nose you have.

Image Credit: Imgur.com

Placement is everything.

Image Credit: Imgur.com

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