Peter Hollens and Stuart Edge Perform Epic Real-Life ‘Goofy Movie’ Medley

Travel back in time to the nostalgia of the ’90s with this classic Goofy medley.

Talented vocalist and YouTube sensation Peter Hollens is known for his legendary acappella covers. For his latest project, he teamed up with Renaissance man and YouTube sensation Stuart Edge to perform this nostalgic medley of songs from the 1995 Walt Disney hit ‘A Goofy Movie’ in real life!

Peter and Stuart have been wanting to work on this project for more than a year and recently it has been one of their most requested videos. They decided to each put their unique spin on it and create two incredible versions. So what are you waiting for!?

Peter Hollen’s killer acappella rendition…

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Stuart Edge’s ‘A Goofy Movie’ in real-life, flash mob style…

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