15 Ways to Trick Your Friends and Family into Thinking You Have it All Together

Scared to invite friends over for dinner because you’re worried you still don’t have your life together? Just follow these simple steps…

Put a bunch of stuff in jars.


Put some big bottles of mineral water in the fridge.


Clean the toilet!


Hide your digusting toothbrush.


Put some leafy herbs in jars of water.


Place throw pillows everywhere.


Place a book on the side table with a bookmark in it.


Get the biggest bowl in the house and fill it with lemons.


Demonstrate that you’re capable of keeping something alive.


Dim the lights.


Get decent paper napkins.


Pretend you can’t remember what wine you have.


Make a roast.


For dessert, no baking. Break some dark chocolate into shards with a plate of fruit.


Overwhelm your guests by offering them many types of tea.


There, now you have your life together!

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