25+ Ways Smartphones Have Destroyed Genuine Human Connection

Over the last few years, our phones have become our most important possession. We sleep with them, eat with them, and take them wherever we go (even the bathroom) and here are the photos to prove it!

Walking down the street.

Image Credit: reddit.com


Family dinner time.


Hanging out with your boyfriend or girlfriend.


Dinner with the spouse.


Bathroom time (ok, maybe not so much.)


Arriving at someones home.


Crap happens.

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Image Credit: Dan Piraro


Kids nowadays, for real, like totally.





Image Credit: Jeff Stahler


Life passing you by…

Image Credit: explosm.tumblr.com


Consuming all your time. Death comes unexpectatly.


The tan lines.


Holidays, oh holidays.


Kids just don’t get it.


Evolution is real.




Treat yourself.


Generational symbols.


Relationships. Can we say it again, relationships.


Going for the fake, when you have the real deal in front of you.


Looking like morons to your grandparents.



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