15+ Products Marketed with Hilariously Needless Gender Stereotypes

Everything from a pink toolset for women to “Mr. Mom” hand sanitizer for men – these gendered products will make you laugh!

Pretty in Pink Earplugs

Image Credit: The Society Pages


Pens for Her


Just for Girls Clear Tape


Go Girl “Beautiful Energy” Drink


Pink Chick Beer

Image Credit: BuzzFeed


Purple Microscope for Girls

Image Credit: Amazon


Pink Women’s Toolset


Men’s and Women’s Face Masks In Just the Right Colors

Image Credit: The Society Pages


M&Ms for Boys and Girls

Image Credit: SF Gate


Just 4 Girls Pink Glue Stick


Monterey Jill Cheese (Is This Different from Monterey Jack?)


Lady Hammer Pink


Boy’s and Girl’s Laptops (Boys Get More Functions)


Marshmallows for Tough Boys and Princess Girls


Gir! Pink Wilson Basketball


Hand Sanitizer for Mr. Mom

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