15+ Photos of Charmingly Adorable Babies Who Look Like Old People

Wrinkles, toothless, bald… are we talking about a baby or a geriatric? You can just see how some of these completely adorable babies will look when they’re old!

This baby appeared on the cover of AARP last month.

This baby is getting their daily sponge bath in the nursing home.

This baby, who has kept their turn signal on for the last five miles.

This baby came out of the womb worrying they’d miss the next episode of Walker, Texas Ranger.

This baby wants you to get off their damn lawn!

This baby still prints out directions from Google Maps.

This baby doesn’t understand what those crazy kids keep saying in their weird music.

This baby has a drawer full of coupons for every item in the grocery store.

This baby still refuses to get rid of their AOL email address.

This baby, who is already the CEO of a national corporation.

This baby collects trains, but just for display. Please don’t touch them. They’re not toys!

This baby keeps a Werther’s Original Caramel in the pocket of their sweater vest.

This baby is wondering if you’ve seen her knitting needles…they were right there just a second ago.

This baby saves all their receipts and checks.

This baby likes to drive 20 mph even though the speed limit is 35.

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