You’ll Never Be Able to Unsee These Fashion Ads from the 1970s

This was a dark time in human history. Knit tunics in mustard orange, hip-hugging plaid bell bottoms, purple polyester bodysuits, short shorts, and everyone’s favorite: the green suit with patterned pants.

1. Ultra slim fit, low rise bell bottoms to wear to a funeral

2. No, just, no.

3. Love that print.

4. These guys look like a UFO is about to save them from their sweaters.

5. Oh so much wool… so much wool.

6. Purple polyester bodysuits . . . what more is there to say?

7. Your father could have been wearing something like this on the night you were concieved, think about that one.

8. And of course, the iconic afghan cape for every man

9. Please be our unsung hero and don’t wear a body suit.

10. Sexy nightgowns, dudes.

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