10+ Photos of the Most Adorably Crazy “Hitchhikers” You Will Ever See

If you have to go somewhere, might as well do it in style! These animals, insects, and birds have it figured out.

1. Nothing can go wrong here!

Image Credit: Richard Jones

2. Hitching a free ride on a hummingbird.

Image Credit: Martin Le-May

3. Getting rowdy in the back seat.

Image Credit: Hendy Mp

4. Taking the slow, scenic route.

Image Credit: Hendy Mp

5. Trying to convince the frog to stop at Starbucks.

Image Credit: Nordin Seruvan

6. Asserting his dominance over the tortoise.

Image Credit: YouTube

7. Cannot be bothered to sit on the ground.

Image Credit: Reddit

8. The grumpiest travel-mates ever.

Image Credit: Shi Khei Goh/MEDIA DRUM

9. Hoping that he doesn’t notice.

Image Credit: Reddit

10. Trying to mess with the farmer that owns them.

Image Credit: Tumblr

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