20+ People Who Won’t Let Being Broke Stand in the Way of Their Dreams

‘Cause dreams don’t cost a thing.

1. This family, who knows that all it takes to have a pool is a pickup, a tarp, and a hose:

2. This fashionista, who refuses to be the only person without a pair of those Alexander McQueen heels:

3. This blogger, who’s working two jobs and panhandling to make ends meet:

4. These guys, who are finally living out their dream of having a boat:

5. This guy, who realized he didn’t need both shelves and chairs:

6. This Macgyver, who’s going to take a shower whether you like it or not:

7. This guy, who has always dreamed of being the fastest gun in the West:

8. This athlete-chef, who *will* be having ravioli for dinner:

9. This homeowner, who does have a hot tub… you just have to ask:

10. This bestie, who will stop at nothing to ensure that a birthday wish gets made:

11. This java-enthusiast, who just dreams of having a cup-holder for her morning coffee:

12. This proud papa, who discovered he was wearing a baby carrier all along:

13. This DIY genius, who’s finally about to have a hot meal:

14. This bodybuilder, who wasn’t about to let “not having a gym membership” stop him from achieving greatness:

15. This crafty gal who don’t need no boombox:

16. This parent, who’s “only keeping this junker ’til the kids grow up” anyway:

17. This couple, who for a moment lived life in the fast lane:

18. This guy, rocking his new Adidas shoes. Limited Edition of 1:

19. This guy, who’s proudly flaunting his new designer shirt:

20. This craftsman, who isn’t about to let broken headphones stop him from becoming the next Skrillex:

21. This pizza-enthusiast, who’s craving a slice of anything but the struggle for once:

22. This person, who’s not about to let something small like a broken headlight stop them from makin’ that paycheck:

23. This thriftmaster, who figured one soiled cushion isn’t worth throwing out the whole couch:

24. This penny-pincher, who found a way to make those disposable razors last *forever*:

25. This guy, who ninja’d his way to a fulfilling evening on a budget:

26. These ladies, who will be “the prettiest girls at the ball, dammit”:

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