His Love and Obsession with Nutella Might Have Gone a Little Too Far

Meet Wardere Farah. He’s just your average 24-year-old young man, living his life, Instagramming his Nutella obsession one day at the time. This is a love story between one man and his jar.

Nutella is almost universally loved, but 24-year-old Wardere Farah is even more dedicated to the spread than most.

Fall #nutella #nutellaproject #nutellastories #ootd #fall #random #lazysunday #latergram #zzubrod

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His entire Instagram account is literally dedicated to the chocolate-y hazelnut-y goodness.

The Canada resident has been posting photos of Nutella jars since 2012.


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Farah’s got some great friends, who eventually bought him a giant jar.

You dirty little…. #nutella
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So in 2014, he upped his game and resolved to post one photo per day.

Smile at everything, even if you lose. #nutella #sbxn #friday #game

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His Nutella always keeps him company. Like when he shovels snow.

A storm is coming. #nutella #nutellastories #ootd #nutellaproject #random #mcm #winter #shovel #zziqbd
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And when he works out.

Even when he needs an adversary on the playground.

Yeah, they’re pretty close.

Just don’t try to give Farah’s relationship with Nutella a label.

“It could be my girlfriend, a baby, a friend, anything. Don’t put me in a box. Don’t put it in a box. Just have fun with it.”

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