Replacing Flower Bouquets with Cats Makes for the BEST Wedding Pictures!

You’ve seen the desperate girls diving for the flower bouquet at a wedding. But switch it with cats… wow. We’ve all seen a bunch of desperate single girls dive for the bouquet at a wedding, each hoping she’s going to be the lucky one who gets to tie the knot next.

But, have you ever wondered what this wedding tradition would look like if the flowers were swapped out for something that purrfectly foreshadowed the lonely fate for some of these gals?

Well, thanks to one clever dude from down under, that question is finally answered.

Recently, one Australian guy found a way to combine his love for cats and Photoshop by creating a series of imaginative wedding photos called Brides Throwing Cats.

By swapping out the brides’ flying flowers for a bunch of airborne cats, he transforms this cute wedding tradition into a high-flying fluffy fiasco that is nothing short of hilarious.

While these photos may seem pretty convincing, no cats were actually tossed in the air toward ravenous mobs of crazy cat ladies, nor does the creator behind Brides Throwing Cats condone the actual throwing of cats, under any circumstances.

But, you have to give this creative guy credit for having some pretty insane feline Photoshop skills.

Behold, Brides Throwing Cats.

You could choose a hairless cat…


…one that looks like Garfield…


…or even one that could star in a “Titanic” recreation.


Tossing a cat at your reception…


…looks awesome.


Not to mention, it would be absolutely hysterical.


Brides Throwing Cats!


Forget the boring old bouquets…


These brides are swapping out their flowers for felines.


Just toss your little furball toward all your single gal pals.


Whoever catches the flying kitty…


…will be the next woman to end up as a crazy cat lady.



Diving for the cat in a dress shows some serious dedication.


Even grooms are getting airborne animal action.

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