1. This guy who won't get that precious morning cup of coffee

Image Credit: imgur.com

2. Anyone who reaches into this bowl...ugh.

Image Credit: thechive.com

3. This guy who just lost his only method of escape

Image Credit: imgur.com

4. This guy is about to pay his neighbors a friendly visit.

Image Credit: viralthread.com

5. This guy who just made a delicious mess that he will never forget.

Image Credit: imgur.com

6. OH MY GOSH, an IPAD?! Nope. Pennies.

Image Credit: imgur.com

7. Now this guy has to eat all four bananas...

Image Credit: imgur.com

8. This woman who just became a real-life Mentos commercial.

Image Credit: smosh.com

9. This poor mosquito target.com

Image Credit: dumpaday.com

10. Whoever has to deal with THIS.

Image Credit: imgur.com

11. The guy who was about to dig in but...awww, man!

Image Credit: imgur.com

12. This guy who is now on dog patrol for the next 24 hours.

Image Credit: imgur.com

13. his guy who ordered an XL pizza and then promptly DROPPED IT

Image Credit: imgur.com

14. This poor guy is probably missing a toe or two by now...

Image Credit: theberry.com

15. And lastly, anyone who experiences this...

Image Credit: loldamn.com

16. This pizza fanatic who just had his night ruined

Image Credit: imgur.com

17. The guy whose car just got keyed in the worst possible way...

Image Credit: imgur.com

18. This guy who will never get to experience this ice cream bliss

19. Way to go, sir, your filing cabinet is now completely useless.

Image Credit: imgur.com

20. This guy picked the wrong parking spot today.

Image Credit: imgur.com

21. This guy who just caked up this wedding.

Image Credit: imgfave.com

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