10+ Horrible Haircuts You and Your Friends Probably Had As Children

Don’t feel bad – we all looked like this at some point in time.

1. The Rebellious Emo Cut

Who cares if your Aunt Brenda gets pissed at Thanksgiving dinner? She’s just some corporate sellout and totally doesn’t get you. And by the way, even if you take away my nail polish, I’ll just use a Sharpie and color them black anyway, so back off.

Image Credit: blazerpress.com


2. The Puffy Side Ponytail

You eventually got bored of the ponytail always taking the backseat, so one day you decided to Michelle Tanner it and swing it over to the side. Game changer!

Image Credit: justsomething.co


3. The Covert Self Trim

How hard could it possibly be to cut your own hair, right? You grabbed those clippers and, within moments, you went from adorable would-be child model, to a stray dog with the mange.

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4. The Rat Tail

If you weren’t committed to growing out your hair, you probably settled for a ridiculous rat tail. Unless you’re a karate instructor or frequently use the term “dojo” you grew out of this phase very quickly.

Image Credit: Mom.me


5. The Super Combo!

At this point you weren’t satisfied with just one style and everyone knew you needed to blossom. Like an expert Tony Hawk Pro Skater player, your combos were on another level. Maybe you’ll shave steps in the side of a mullet? Maybe curl a rat tail? YOU’RE A WILD CARD!

Image Credit: justsomething.co


6. The Middle Part

How did Jonathan Taylor Thomas pull it off so well, but when you tried it, you looked like a dry ShamWow?

Image Credit: tumblr.com


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