Husband Honors His Nurse Wife with Beautiful Words Everyone Should See

Alabama resident Bobby Wesson is very proud of his beautiful wife Rayena. Not only is she a good mother to their son Deacon, but she also makes a difference in other people’s lives as a trauma nurse.


He wanted the world to know

One afternoon, Bobby saw Rayena taking a nap in bed with their son just before her shift at the hospital. As he thought about how hard she works at her job (and for their family), Bobby became inspired to share his feelings with others. So, he snapped this picture and went to his Facebook page to make a post.


Read his powerful message…

This is my wife taking a nap. In an hour she will wake up, put on her scrubs and get ready for work. The tools and items she needs to perform her job will be gathered and checked meticulously – her hair and makeup will be done quickly. She will complain that she looks awful. I will disagree, emphatically, and get her a cup of coffee. She will sit on the couch with her legs crossed under her and try to drink it while happily playing with the toddler that’s crawling all over her. She will occasionally stare off blankly as we talk; silently steeling herself for the coming shift. She thinks I don’t notice.

That was only the beginning…


A woman with strength…

She will kiss the baby, she will kiss me and she will leave to go take care of people that are having the worst day of their entire lives. Car wrecks, gunshot wounds, explosions, burns and breaks – professionals, poor, pastors, addicts and prostitutes – mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and families – it doesn’t matter who you are or what happened to you. She will take care of you. She will come home 14 hours later and remove shoes that have walked through blood, bile, tears and fire from aching feet and leave them outside. Sometimes she will not want to talk about it. Sometimes she can’t wait to talk about it. Sometimes she will laugh until she cries and sometimes she will just cry – but regardless of those sometimes she will be on time for her next shift. My wife is a nurse. My wife is a hero.

This is a day in the life of Rayena Wesson – wife, mother, and trauma nurse.


It didn’t take long

Bobby Wesson’s tribute to his wife quickly went viral. It has been shared over 180,000 times and has collected more than half of a million likes.

This is my wife taking a nap. In an hour she will wake up, put on her scrubs and get ready for work. The tools and…

Posted by Bobby Wesson on Saturday, November 7, 2015

His message impacted many

Although Bobby’s post may have been written about his wife, it has also been viewed as an incredible tribute to nurses everywhere. In the comments, people have been showing their support and gratitude to ALL of those who work in the medical field (including Rayena).


They were deeply touched

The Wesson’s have been amazed by all of the positive feedback that they have received. In addition, they too have enjoyed reading the stories that others have been posting on their page. From patients, to medical workers, and everyone in between – people from around the globe have been sharing their experiences as well.

Just recently, Bobby added a follow-up message about Rayena. He wrote:

Those of you that know my wife know that she flinches at the word hero. She doesn’t miss an opportunity to say that she is a small part of a very large team – but she is a large part of my very small team and I’m proud of her.

Wow, these beautiful words are from a man who is obviously both supportive AND very in love with his wife.


What an inspirational story! It’s wonderful to see people who dedicate their lives to helping others be shown the respect and appreciation that they deserve.

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