Evynne Hollens Performs Beautiful and Heartwarming Joni Mitchell Tribute Medley

Talented singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell has faced some tough struggles during her long and arduous recovery from a stroke and brain aneurysm in March.

Evynne Hollens Performs Touching Tribute Medley of Joni Mitchell's Biggest HitsIn June she was able to go home to complete her recovery and according to a few of her close friends, Mitchell is currently doing much better. According to the BBC, “The singer is talking and expected to make a full recovery.”

Singer-songwriter Evynne Hollens, equally talented in her own right, and pianist Nathan Alef wanted to do something to show Joni how much her music has meant to the world and encourage her during this difficult time in her life. This beautiful medley of a few of Mitchell’s most popular songs is a tribute to her highly respected career and the influence she’s had on artists and music industry alike.

This is for Joni. Let’s send her some love, #WeLoveYouJoni!

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