Firefighters Rescue Injured Dog After Fireworks Scared Her Into the Wilderness

Just like thunderstorms, fireworks can cause our pets to spook. That’s what happened to this puppy who almost didn’t make it after running three miles into the Utah wilderness after July 4th celebrations.

When this sweet vizsla named Rue heard the crackles and pops over the July 4th holiday weekend, she got so anxious that she ran for the Salt Lake City, Utah, wilderness.

The next day, hikers discovered the pup three miles from her home, far up in the nearby mountains. She was visibly shaken, dehydrated, and suffering wounded paws. They contacted the local fire department, who sent a team hiking up the trail.

After providing her with much-needed water, they noticed she was too worn out and in too much pain to make the trek down herself.

So crewmember Tony Stowe hoisted her up onto his shoulders, carrying her the whole way back.

It’s baffling how far she was able to rush herself away in all her panic.

Thankfully, they were able to scan her microchip as soon as they arrived at Animal Services and return her to her anxious owners.

Hopefully this sweet girl stays inside the next time there’s such scary celebrations. Maybe with a nice teddy bear to keep her calm.

This article was originally written and published by Jessica Catcher at Viral Nova.

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