Touching Portraits Capture Mothers with Their One-Day-Old Babies

Photographer Jenny Lewis is an accomplished artist, but her newest project brings her audience close to the amazing, breathtaking bond of mother and child. Jenny Lewis, a portrait photographer based in the U.K., has created a beautiful photo series of mothers posing with their one-day-old (or, as the series name suggests, One Day Young) babies.

“In the UK, birth is surrounded by fear, the unknown, stories of pain. Basically, positive birth stories are thin on the ground,” Lewis told Indulgd. “Having had two great births, I felt it was important this side of story was also talked about and represented. As the series has evolved over the years, I have loved capturing this transition into motherhood. Witnessing the primitive side to human nature and documenting the raw unretouched beauty of these women.“

Lewis apparently collected models for the shoot by posting fliers in her neighborhood and made no selection among them, meaning that women of all types appear in her work.

1. Frida and Ethan


2. Marley and Etta


3. Meredith and Lina


4. Liana and Archer


5. Suphrawadee and Evelyn


6. Lottie and Lily


7. Kate and Elen


8. Anna and Sky


9. Jenny and Agnes


10. Idoya and Nahia


11. Xanthe and Louie


12. Catherine and Raya


13. Veronika and Eden


14. Shenelle and Arissa


15. Karla and River


16. Mairead and Fia


17. Elizabeth and Anton


18. Danila and Zara


19. Aga and Olympia


20. Clare and Henry


21. Laure and Tyrick


22. Mairead and Arlo


23. Charlotte and Vivienne


24. Leanh and Lachlan


25. Rebecca and Osiris


26. Chieska and Floyd


27. Theresa and Tommy


28. Caroline and Silas


29. Rae and Renwick


30. Leda and Elektra


31. Lucy and Milla


32. Tara and Penelope


33. Clemmie and Imogen


34. Jhanne and Lily


35. Harriet and Greta


36. Nicola and Verity


37. Ana and Barney


38. Helen and Hudson


39. Jenny and Nora


40. Bertie and Alma


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