These Adorable Sheepdog Sisters Will Instantly Warm Your Heart

You won’t be able to stop smiling when you see these adorable sisters. #NationalSiblingDay

Sophie and Sarah, adorable sisters from the Netherlands.


Sometimes they look like their cast members of “The O.C.”


They’re two wild and crazy gals, living life on the wild side.


(Netherlands edition).


Sophie always has the coolest of rides.


Even though they’re best friends, they are certainly not cliquey.




They’ll always invite you to come along!


Just a little relaxation time…


They adamantly subscribed to the philosophy, “everyone’s young at heart”.


They really know how to work a field of flowers.


100% would watch a teen drama centering around these two.


The combination of their smiles and their human,Cees Bol’s photographic skills is nothing short of charming.


They are not afraid of indulging a little.


They’re ~technically~ from different litters but they consider themselves sister just the same.


Their adventures are seriously enviable…

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