10+ Beauty Routines You Should Start in Your Twenties

Goodbye, teeny-bopper acne. Hello, new beauty routine!

Drink plenty of water!

Your body is 60% water. One function that water serves is as a protective barrier for your skin, preventing fluid loss. Dehydrated skin makes wrinkles appear more noticeable. That’s yuck, so drink up.


Work out.

Exercise, exercise, exercise! It’ll keep your muscles healthy while promoting circulation. This is great for your skin, and sweating clears out your pores. Bet you didn’t know that!

Image Credit: Zack McKnight / Buzzfeed


Sitting & standing up straight.

Your posture makes a statement about your confidence and even your trustworthiness. Studies have shown that power stances even directly affect your confidence level by increasing your testosterone and lowering your cortisol levels.


Using a face mask weekly.

Face masks have all sorts of functions, from calming irritation to hydrating dry skin to treating acne. Apply as needed, but definitely at least once a week.


Smiling, even if you don’t feel like it sometimes.

Because your body associates being happy with smiling, smiling actually makes you happy! Say yes to the endorphins and be happy and glowy and beautiful.


Keeping your skin hydrated!

Dry skin tends to show wrinkles more. Keep your skin moisturized to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Bonus: softness!


Applying sunscreen religiously.

UV rays are one of the most damaging things your skin encounters on a daily basis. Make sure you protect it from the sun’s harmful rays by slathering plenty o’ SPF 15 or higher.



Stretching keeps you nice and limber so your body is less tense looking and tense feeling. It’s even been shown to help you sleep if you do it right before bed.


Using eye cream.

The area around your eyes is most susceptible to wrinkles. Tap eye cream on gently, as this skin is very delicate and thin. Use morning and evening.


Taking the time to think about nothing.

Meditating for at least 20 minutes each day clears your mind and helps keep you sane. Healthy, beautiful minds mean healthy, beautiful bodies.


Eating healthy.

What you put inside of your body affects how your body looks. Eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies will help keep your weight healthy and give your skin all the nutrients it needs to stay radiant.

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