One Man Became the Catalyst for a HUGE Surprise for an Autistic Man

Glen, a homeless man who suffers from autism, is a frequent visitor of the Apple store in the Galleria, in Houston, Texas. The Apple team at the Galleria has had the pleasure of getting to know Glen and love his frequent visits. Glen loves to play with the newest Apple gear and visits them as frequently as he can.

Recently, a customer noticed Glen and decided to do something. Although he spoke no English, it was obvious that Glen’s situation caused him to be emotional. “Is he always here? Does he have an iPad? I’m going to get him an iPad.” The customer teared up as he handed the new iPad to Glen.

One Man Became the Catalyst for a HUGE Surprise for an Autistic ManThe employees at Apple were shocked when the customer bought Glen a 32GB cellular iPad. Glen has visited the Apple store practically every week for the last 5 years, but this was the first time anyone offered him more than just a meal. In the spirit of giving, Roselyn Omaka, Lex Olivo, Sergio Huston, Belle Bowman and several others went a step further and donated the funds to make sure his new iPad was covered by Apple care support!

Former and current employees alike remarked on the Facebook post by praising Glen for being a respectful and kind guest in the store and revering the customers and employees for their kindness. One team member noted that he remembered seeing Glen enjoying the products in the store for hours, “He’d watch sports highlights mostly and had incredible taste in music,” he noted.

The Apple employees are encouraging everyone to share this amazing story of tender selflessness. The Apple employees have also began a GoFundMe, Go Fund Glen: Autism Speaks, which has a goal of $500 to provide Glen with new clothes, shoes and meals – which has been achieved thanks to the kindness of a bunch of other total strangers.

Glen’s future is looking just a little brighter, because of the kindness of a few. It’s a good reminder that we can all make a difference in someone’s life if we just make ourselves willing.

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