Rattlesnake Crashed this Couple’s Wedding Photos and Bit the Groom On His Leg

Rattlesnake’s are the worst wedding crashers EVER!

Meet newlyweds Johnny and Laura Benson, looking so happy and in love, completely unaware that they were about to have a very uninvited guest to the festivities.


The Bensons were taking post-ceremony photos at the Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins, Colorado when all of the sudden, Benson said it felt like someone “kicked him in the shin.”


No, it wasn’t his wife, but this jerk of a rattlesnake that actually jumped out into their path and bit him on the leg.

A rattlesnake. On the leg. In the middle of wedding photos.


Their photographer, Maddie Wilbur, said the couple was about 50 feet from the parking lot when the young rattlesnake invited himself to the party.


Fortunately, a Larimer County Park Ranger was driving by at the same time, and Wilbur and the couple managed to flag him down.


While the ranger worked on the Snake Whisperer’s leg, his wife of less than two hours got on the phone to paramedics and probably a bunch of other people with, “You’re not going to believe what just happened…”


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