Find Out in Less Than 59 Seconds if You’re a Good Liar or Not

Are you a good liar? Setting aside the moral question of if there’s such a thing as a “good liar,” let us refocus on the question. Are you good at lying?

Before today, we only knew of one way to tell if someone is good at lying, namely watching them lie and get away with it. However, one scientist says he’s figured out a way of telling if someone is a good liar without having them lie. While this test might seem ridiculous it does have a basis in science. The test is based off a study by R.G. Hass published in 1984 called “Perspective-Taking And Self-Awareness: Drawing An E On Your Forehead.

The test only takes seconds to conduct, but might give you a new perspective on how you see yourself. So take the test and let us know if you’re a good liar. We can trust you, right?

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