Makeup Artist Transforms Her Eyes Into Uniquely Beautiful Works of Art

A lot of people use eye shadow and liner to enhance their eyes. Makeup artist Tal Peleg uses them to create these incredible mini paintings using her eyelids as her personal canvas – the results are outstanding!

Peleg, who went to school for makeup, uses her own creative vision as well as her own eyelashes and brows to create her creative and cute paintings.

“Makeup is an amazing form of art, and I use it in order to make my eye tell a story,” Peleg said. “I don’t just paint on the eye, but try to use the shape of the eye and its natural curves as part of the illustration in a creative way.”

Peleg finds inspiration all around her and uses makeup for her own unique artistic interpretation.

“I can be inspired by emotions, movies, fairytales, animals, food, important social matter and more,” she said. “I create all the eye-art on my own eye, and I use mostly eye shadows, eyeliners and watercolors, and of course — super tiny brushes.”

“It takes hours of work, and lots of patience,” she continued, “but I really enjoy every moment of the process.”

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