12 Unbelievable Photographs of Unborn Animals in the Womb

Producer Peter Chinn used technology to show the world the mysteries of the beginning of life. Yes, fetal sharks are just as scary as they sound. These images are absolutely extraordinary!

These images were created for a National Geographic special called In The Womb: Animals by Producer Peter Chinn. He used a combination of ultrasound technology, tiny cameras, and computer design to create these incredible images that replicate what fetal animals look like. This is an incredible window into the womb (or egg as the case may be), laying bare the mysteries of the beginning of life!

1. Unborn Elephant

2. Unborn Horse

3. Unborn Leopard

4. Unborn Penguin

5. Unborn Dolphin

6. Unborn Tiger Shark

7. Unborn Lemon Shark

8. Unborn Polar Bears

9. Unborn Snake

10. Baby Wallaby

11. Unborn Bats

12. Unborn Chihuahua

13. Bonus: A Beautiful Full Term Child!

Image Credit: Peter Chinn

Wait a minute, what? That’s an unborn human being isn’t it?

For every other animal in this series, we realized that the animal inside the womb was the same type of thing as the animal outside the womb. Well, in the United States, this particular fetal life in the womb is treated as less than human—it isn’t given the full rights of “Personhood.”

And for that reason, this little one can be killed through abortion. Seems unjust doesn’t it? We think so. Check out our Personhood USA’s facebook page to learn more.

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