They blew you away with the cookie straw, and they awed you with the Birthday Cake Frapp, and just when you thought you couldn’t love Starbucks any more, the coffee conglomerate has given you something else to go crazy over: the Starbucks Mini Frappuccino.

This adorable, limited-time offering is just what it sounds like: a mini, 10-ounce version of your favorite frozen blended beverage, available in every flavor that a standard sized Frappuccino comes in. And in case you’re feeling a little extra ambitious (or maybe you’re just too lazy to run to your nearest Starbucks location — no judgement), I’ve broken down exactly how to make a Mini Frappuccino at home. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty easy.

This itty-bitty treat will only be available until July, so if you can’t imagine life without a baby Frapp firmly planted in your hand, here is how you can make it on your own, in two different flavors — double chocolate chip, and java chip. I did mine in a mason jar, which only made this pint-sized treat even more adorable. Add homemade whipped cream and a few chocolate chips to top everything off, and you’ve got a delicious drink that tastes just as good as the real thing. Look at you go, you aspiring little barista you.

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