Brides: getting ready photos before your wedding are undoubtedly some of the most genuine and memorable moments of your day. Today we’re sharing a few of our favorite must-have getting ready photos to inspire your wedding.

We’ve rounded up the best-of-the-best such as candid moments with your girls, footage of the groomsmen, a teary moment with dad, mom helping you get ready, and much more. So, grab a pen and paper and get ready to jot these down (or, bookmark this page) because you won’t want to miss these amazing photos! Which one is your favorite?

The Bride Getting Ready

First and foremost, you’ll want those classic shots of the bride getting ready. Hair, makeup – the works. Bridesmaids, too.

Image Credit: Feuza Reis

Candid Shots of Your Girls

I don’t know about you, but something happens when a bunch of girls get together the morning before a wedding. We make it a priority to have the most fun possible. It definitely unleashes our funny side… there’s just so much excitement and anticipation in the room!

Image Credit: Nadi Bay Photography

And our sentimental, BFFs-forever side.

Image Credit: Whitebox

The Dress

An essential must-have wedding day photo: The Dress.

Image Credit: Bellagala

Bridesmaids Dresses on Personalized Hangers

I love this shot! Remember the bridesmaid dresses from the day along with personalized hangers of your girls. Pssst. You can get some hangers here!

Image Credit: Jemma Keech

The Groom Helping the Ring Bearer Getting Ready

Aw. So sweet.

Image Credit: Kate Mcelwee

Before the Dress

Image Credit: Becker Photographer

Putting on The Dress

The Bride

I admire so many things about this shot. The lighting, the room, the bride looking in the mirror, the moment to herself. Incredible.

Image Credit: Sansom Photography

The Reaction

The Reaction by the Bridal Party = always an amazing moment.

Image Credit: Kathryn Krueger

The Groom and Groomsmen Getting Ready

Image Credit: David Wittig

… and the guys hanging out…

Image Credit: i luv photo

…and toasting to the groom (and, you know, playing foosball).

Image Credit: Erdbeerwald

The Flower Girl + Ring Bearer

So cute.

Image Credit: Earthy Photography

Bride and Her Mom

Be sure to capture the moment with your mom on film. It’s priceless.

Image Credit: Juli Feller

Dad’s Reaction

There are plenty of great photos of a dad’s reaction to the bride, but this is one of my favorites. The scene is so real. The house, the kitchen, the red purse. This is not a staged shot, just a real moment in time capturing the dad’s face perfectly. A must-have for your wedding.

I love this shot, too, from the perspective of the dad seeing the bride… very unique.

Image Credit: Julia Wade

Groom and His Dad

Image Credit: Fete Photography

Groom and His Mom

Image Credit: CHI Photography

Bridesmaids Spying on Guests as They Arrive

Image Credit: Liz Linder

Just Wait Til You See Her!

And, this is one we love just for fun. Bridesmaids have someone snap a photo of this and send it via text to the groom.

Image Credit: Perry Vaile
Credit: H/T Emmaline Bride

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