20+ Easter Dishes from Around the World You Have to Try

Easter weekend, people around the world will be celebrating in culturally different ways. These are some scrumptious dishes international dishes you need to try!

Pizza Chena [Italy]

Also known as Easter Pie, this savory dish is made with a variety of cheese, cold cuts, and eggs baked within a bread crust. If you’re not drooling right now, you’re probably vegan. Recipe here.


Paçoca de Amendoim [Brazil]

Paçoca de Amendoim is a Brazilian candy made out of ground peanuts, cassava flour, sugar and salt. This incredible gift from the heavens was created during the Colonial Brazil Period. Recipe here.

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Paskha [Russia]

Paskha is a festive cheese desert made in Eastern Orthodox countries which consists of food that is forbidden during the fast of Great Lent. As well as tvorog, butter, eggs, cream, raisin, almonds, vanilla, spices, and candied fruits can be used. Recipe here.


Osterlamm [Germany]

Osterlamm is a traditional Easter lamb-shaped cake. Alternatively, a rabbit mould can be used. Recipe here.


Vellayappam [India]

Vellayappam is a fermented rice pancake popular in Kerala and Sri Lanka during Easter. It tastes better when served with a vegetable stew, mutton curry or egg roast. Recipe here.

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Tsoureki [Greece]

Tsoureki, or Greek Easter Sweet Bread, is a traditional Easter bread served in Greece to break the Lenten fast. It is traditionally braided and decorated with dyed hard-boiled eggs, and then baked. With some cheese and milk, this is the definition of heaven. Recipe here.


Torta Pascualina [Argentina]

The puff pastry crust and ricotta filling put this tart on another level from an ordinary quiche. Recipe here.


Torrija [Spain]

Torrija is a simple dish that consists of a slice of bread that is soaked in milk, wine, honey, spices, egg, and olive oil. Recipe here.


Bun and Cheese [Jamaica]

A simple but delicious dish, come Easter time, Jamaican bakers throw in lots more fruits, and other secret ingredients into their spice bread, making it a meal best eaten at this time of the year. Recipe here.


Kulich [Russia]

Russian kulich is a sweet yeast-risen bread that is taken to parish priests to be blessed. Recipe here.


Simnel Cake [Ireland]

Packed with fruit, spices and marzipan, this rich Easter cake is stuffed full with almonds. Recipe here.


Mämmi [Finland]

Mämmi is a Finnish porridge made from water, rye flour, and powdered malted rye, seasoned with dark molasses, salt, and Seville orange zest. Though the brown hue may put you off at first, one try and you’ll get hooked. Recipe here.

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Capirotada [Mexico]

Mexican bread pudding features layers of nuts, cheese, dried fruit, and bread drizzled with cinnamon-infused sugar syrup. Recipe here.


Advocaat [Netherlands]

Advocaat is a traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage made from eggs, sugar and brandy. Similar to eggnog, this drink is commonly drank at Easter to celebrate the end of Lent. Recipe here.


Casatiello [Italy]

The casatiello is a savory filled Neapolitan Easter bread. The rising dough symbolizes the promise of new life; the shape of the bread represents a crown and the eggs mean rebirth. Recipe here.


Hot Cross Buns [United Kingdom]

This spiced sweet bun is made with currants or raisins and marked with a cross on the top. They’re traditionally eaten on Good Friday. Recipe here.


Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá [Portugal]

Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá is a casserole of bacalhau, potatoes, eggs, olives, olive oil and onion. It is especially popular in Portugal and Brazil, originally a specialty from Porto. The story goes that the son a rich merchant, down on his luck, found a job at a restaurant and invented this rich recipe. Recipe here.


Ma’amoul [Lebanon]

Ma’amoul are small shortbread pastries filled with dates, pistachios and walnuts. These delicious treats are eaten at night during Ramadan and by Christians during Easter. Recipe here.

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Osterschinken im Brotteig [Germany]

Osterschinken im Brotteig is Easter ham cooked into a bread dough to create an incredible sandwich-like dish. Recipe here.


Osterchüechli [Switzerland]

Osterchüechli is a shortcrust pastry based pie filled with fragant vanilla, lemon zest flavored milk rice, almonds and raisins. Recipe here.


Babka Wielkanocna [Poland]

Babka is a spongy, brioche-like yeast cake made mainly in Eastern Europe. Traditionally, it has no filling, but is usually covered in vanilla and chocolate, as well as almonds, fruit and for the more adventurous – rum. Recipe here.


Le Gigot d’Agneau Pascal [France]

Le Gigot d’Agneau Pascal uses lamb that is specially reared for Easter. It sits atop a palette of garlic, spices and rosemary. Recipe here.

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Cape Malay Pickled Fish [South Africa]

Cape Malay Pickled Fish is an Easter stew served with mainly with hot cross buns or freshly baked bread to mop up the mouthwatering juices. Recipe here.


Fanesca [Ecuador]

Fanesca is a very traditional soup only eaten once a year during Easter. It’s incredibly rich and made with twelve different kinds of beans and grains, figleaf gourd, pumpkin and salt cod cooked in milk. Recipe here.

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Hungarian Shortbread [Hungary]

The light and fluffy texture of this jam shortbread is the result of a rather odd technique: freezing the dough and grating it. Recipe here.

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