15+ Creative Ways to Use Bobby Pins

Your bobby pins might be strewn all over the house, but do you really know how to use them?

Use the Right Side

First things first; did you know that your bobby pins work better when facing a certain direction? When you put in a bobby pin, be sure the wavy side is facing down and the straight side up.

This will ensure a better grip.


Try a Triangle

Change up your usual hairdo with some exposed bobby pin designs. Cross two sections of your hair over one another in the beck of your head, and slide a bobby pin horizontally over the crossed section.

Then slide two bobby pins diagonally up on the left and right sides to make a triangle.


Chevron Chic

Another interesting exposed bobby pin design to try is a chevron pattern. Slide one bobby pin in at a slant, with the open end facing upwards, and then slide a second bobby pin through the first one and downward to create an arrow shape.

Repeat this as many times as you like.


Prop Your Ponytail

Want to add some oomph to a limp ponytail? Prop it up by inserting a couple of bobby pins vertically into the part of your elastic band beneath the ponytail.

The pins will give your ponytail a boost, and the hair will hide the pins!


Stealthy Hair Pull-Back

Want to get those pesky strands of hair out of your face with panache? Twist the hair back and slip a bobby pin into the center. The hair will hid the pin, and you’ll have an elegant curl holding the hair back from the side of your face.


Get #Trendy

For a bold bobby pin look, create a hashtag design in your hair with 4 long bobby pins. Pull a section of hair beck behind your ear and insert two bobby pins upwards to hold it there.

Then slide two more bobby pins through the middle of the pins already in the hair.


Criss-Cross Crown

One more exposed bobby pin design is a row of criss-crossed bobby pins that create a line around the back of your head. Simply reinforce strands of hair with two overlapping bobby pins in an X-shape, and continue in a line.


Fix Old Bobby Pins

After a while, bobby pins get stretched apart by your hair. If you start to get frustrated by a stretched out bobby pin that keeps falling our of your hair, just use a pair of pliers to bend it back into place.


Improve Your Grip with Dry Shampoo

Another way to make sure your bobby pins stay put is to spray them with a dry shampoo before putting them in your hair.


Cover the Elastic

Hiding the elastic band you used to make a ponytail is easy with a well-placed bobby pin. After you’ve made your ponytail, take a small section from it and wrap it around the elastic.

Then just tuck in any loose ends and pin it into place.


Perfect Your Braid

Tired of noticing bumps or flyaway hairs ruining your braid? Instead of redoing the whole thing, just insert some bobby pins at the overlapping strands to make a pretty pattern that also keeps your braid tight.


Instant Bob

Every long-haired girl has wanted to rock a bob for a day, but didn’t because that would mean cutting your hair off. Well, not necessarily. Give your hair some finger waves, and then tuck the ends of your hair up and under the top sections and pin them in for an instant bob you aren’t married to.


Bobby Pin Case

We all know the pain of finding bobby pins scattered all over the place. Bobby pins can be pretty hard to manage when left out loose, but you can easily keep them in one place by using a Tic Tac container.


Get Artistic with Nail Polish

Forget about trying to buy bobby pins of every color and design you want. Let your creativity out by painting them yoursel with your nail polish!


Half Up Half Down Criss Cross

For a unique take on a half up half down crown, take strands of hair from above your ears and cross them over each other in the back of your head, pinning them down.

Continue this technique two or three more times.


Bangs Be Gone

Wanna get those bangs out of your face? Do it with style by braiding your crown and tucking your bangs into it, securing with a bobby pin.


Nail Art Tool

Your bobby pins aren’t just great tools for you hair, they can also help make your nails look amazing. Adding perfect dots or lines on your nails is difficult with a brush, but it’s no sweat if you use the end of a bobby pin.


Zipper Pull

Trying to get a grip on a broken zipper is so frustrating. Instead of trying to grab it yourself, slide a bobby pin through the hole and it’ll be so much easier to zip up that jacket or those pants.

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