Kids These Days Have No Clue What Kids of 90’s Had to Deal With Growing Up

Kids nowadays really don’t know how good they have it… I mean REALLY good.

Dial-Up Internet

Having to make a phone call to a special computer to connect to the internet. Yeah, you remember that horrible noise! And you’re doing it in your head RIGHT this second.


Cassette Tapes

Sitting by the radio for hours waiting for your favorite song to play so you could record it on cassette. Ugh, then the DJ interrupted it BEFORE it was finished playing. C’mon, man!



Having to buy the entire album for ONE song. Until Napster came along and you had to wait hours for ONE song to download.


TV Guide Channel

Remember the TV Guide Channel? This would happen all the time. I looked away from the TV Guide Channel for one second and now I have to wait for it to go through all the channels again.


Disposible Cameras

Taking your film to get developed, having absolutely know idea how they turned out. And the ones you were really looking forward to seeing, turned out SUPER blurry… if only there was a way to see the picture before taking them to get developed… hmmm.


Cassette Tapes and Pencils

Having to wind a cassette tape with a pen or pencil… or a finger if you’re feeling lucky.


Classic MTV

You can’t wait to see your favorite music video on TRL, only to find it’s interrupted with screaming teens. Seriously, who at MTV thought this was a good idea?


Landlines and Teens

The fear of calling a girl / boy you like and having their dad answer the phone. And calling late at night was definitely out of the question. Unless you dialed *67 first!



Printing directions from MapQuest and then praying that you don’t get lost… again.


Before Cell Phones

You couldn’t leave the house all day if you were expecting a call. And NO ONE else in the house better use the phone. Yes, busy signals existed.


Internetless Days

Calling the movie theater to find out what time movies are playing.


Pay Phones Were King

The only wat to make a phone call in public was from a dirty pay phone, and you hope you have enough change. Rats, I only have 10 cents. Time to go find a store to break a dollar.


VHS Tapes

You pop in a movie, only to find out it needs to be rewound. On Demand? Netflix? What sorcery is this?



You have to drive to the closest Blockbuster (a movie rental store) to watch a movie you don’t own, and hope it’s there.

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