Cinderella’s Glass Slippers Are Real and Just As Gorgeous As You Would Expect

Disney hired a team of well known designers to come up with the perfect slipper for Cinderella. On March 13th, Disney will release a live-action Cinderella and to say people are excited is a HUGE understatement. Beautiful dresses, a pumpkin carriage, Prince Charming, Lily James, Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter… seriously, what’s not to love?

But what might even steal more scenes is the REAL LIFE gorgeous, glistening glass slippers produced by Swarovski, with oversight by the film’s Oscar winning costumer designer, Sandy Powell.

As if that weren’t enough, Disney also tapped nine incredible, amazing, luxury shoe designers to interpret Cinderella’s shoes; the list includes Paul Andrew, Alexandre Birman, Jimmy Choo and many, many more. Seriously, does Disney think of everything? You can even buy the shoes – you may need to find your own Prince Charming to finance that endeavor but it’s doable.

Here are the shoes! Pick a favorite – if you can! Take a look below at some of the stunning designs and the actual finished shoe…

Paul Andrew

“Cinderella’s glass slipper represents every woman’s dream shoe. The story, being a classic, inspired me to use my iconic pointed toe silhouette, which I embellished with an array of hand encrusted Swarovski crystals to create the ultimate fantasy shoe. I used transparent PVC to create a ‘glass’ effect and ivory suede for luxurious texture and dimension.” – Paul Andrew


Alexander Birman

“My vision of the glass slipper was inspired by the timeless and feminine beauty that I believe Cinderella and the Alexandre Birman brand both share. I reinterpreted our classic Johanna pump, this time giving it a fashionable and romantic twist with satin and Swarovski crystals. It’s a shoe I imagine a modern princess would wear.” – Alexandre Birman


René Caovilla

“‘Works of arts called shoes’ to grant wishes and raise emotions. Passion and never ending research don’t draw the line at fantasy and creativity. This is how dreams come true in our fairy tale.” – René Caovilla


Jimmy Choo

“I think every girl desires a Cinderella moment in their lives. This story ignites a love affair and fascination with shoes that never dies. The power they have to transform is instilled from a young age and the fantasy remains alive forever. I wanted to create a shoe that felt magical, with alluring sparkle and a feminine, timeless silhouette evoking those childhood emotions.” – Sandra Choi, Creative Director Jimmy Choo


Massimiliano Giornetti

“The magic of a shoe that turns a woman into a princess and gives her the feeling of walking on clouds is a universal dream. A modern Cinderella fairy tale of rediscovering a soft sensuality and a powerful femininity. A shoe made of transparency and light: the cage heel, an iconic symbol of Salvatore Ferragamo, is covered with Swarovski crystals and is transformed by sparkling impalpability.” – Massimiliano Giornetti, creative director Salvatore Ferragamo


Nicholas Kirkwood

“Cinderella has both delicate and strong qualities as a character. The moment of transformation emphasizes both and gave me the design inspiration to create a piece that spoke to the film’s magic.” – Nicholas Kirkwood


Charlotte Olympia

“I am delighted and honoured to be invited by Disney to design one of the most iconic shoes in history. It was such a pleasure to create my version of Cinderella’s glass slipper which I have aptly named If the Shoe Fits. This transparent platform shoe made with my signature PVC & perspex materials is adorned with star and crystal detailing as befits any princess.” – Charlotte Olympia


Jerome C. Rousseau

“The stroke of midnight is a wonderful element of the Cinderella fairytale, it adds tension and intensity to the story. I was inspired by that when I designed this style for Cinderella and the result is a dramatic midnight-blue glitter sandal on a sky-high heel. The clear strap is reminiscent of the crystal slipper, while the refined gold and silver trims add the right amount of whimsy to the design. I wanted to create something that, if left behind, the Prince would feel even more captivated by Cinderella’s allure.” – Jerome C. Rousseau


Stuart Weitzman

“Cinderella in 2015 has a timeless appeal. The diamond and translucent bootie enhance the vision I have of her.” – Stuart Weitzman

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