Recently Unearthed WWII Photos Give Us a Glimpse Into the Lives of U.S. Soldiers

For more than 70 years, 31 rolls of film taken by a soldier during World War Two sat undeveloped — with the great possibility that no person ever saw the images they contained.

Thanks to the Rescued Film Project, the world can now view those rolls of film, and learn a little bit more about what life was like for a soldier during the second world war.

Levi Bettweiser, the founder of the project, had the following words to say:

My emotions always run high when I open that tank and pull out negatives that contain images that have never before been seen, but with this batch, each time I pulled out a roll I felt a huge degree of reverence and respect for the images.

Amazingly, the footage followed the soldier from start to finish, showing life at boot camp and concluding with a return back to the United States, after the war was over. Many of the photos show the more mundane, yet fascinating, aspects of life as a soldier. Things like waiting for trains or cars and attending a church service.

Take a look at a few of the photos recovered by the Rescued Film Project…

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