Welcome back our talented friend, Anna Angenend, from Anna Angenend Photography! Anna very accurately captures “The Mom Life,” and no doubt many of you relate to each of her photos.

We featured Anna’s first set of photos from the series and we’re so excited to share her newest additions! Anna has been featured in the Daily Mail UK, DFamilia la Repubblica, TODAY Parents, and the Parent Dish!

Here are a few new ones she’s completed…

Hide & Read

Mia’s favorite game lately is hide & seek. She’s still getting the hang of it, which works out great for me. Yesterday, I replied to all those texts I received a week ago, and read half an article! #winning

Make up Mishap

“After Halloween, Mia really took an interest in raiding my make-up collection. I am just glad that she smeared cheap face paint all over the counter, instead of my MAC make-up.”

Countdown to Santa

I did not appreciate my childhood holidays enough!

No Silent Nights

The holidays have come & gone, yet I’ve had so few “silent nights”.

Busy Season

It’s good to have an extra set of hands around during the busy season.

New Year’s Resolutions

Mia is enjoying my New Year’s resolutions so much more than me.

What do you think?