At 13 years old, Jake Guy is no average teenager. Deep in the heart of east Texas, through a cloud of sawdust, you’ll find Jake’s workshop bustling with the noise of his lathe spinning away and the invigorating smell of raw materials slowly being turned into masterpieces.

13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Handcrafts Some Stunningly Beautiful MasterpiecesWhile most other young people his age spend their free-time playing video games, hanging out with friends or texting, after school or on the weekends, you’ll find this young homeschooler and entrepreneur hard at work in his little workshop; where he has devoted himself to creating some stunningly unique creations and building a thriving business all at the same time.

Jake first got his interest in woodworking at the ripe old age of 11. After a visit to his local library with his mom, he picked up a few books on basic woodworking. With a little help from his parents, David and Theresa Guy, he purchased a few necessary tools. After a bit of trial and error, Jake created his first pen. With a desire to hone his skills, Jake sought the experience of other local woodworkers and craftsman known as the “Friday Wood Turners” and his natural talent quickly blossomed.

Now more than a year and half later, Jake has become pretty proficient at creating these small masterpieces. From start to finish, it takes around an hour and half to handcraft a pen and around four hours for each bowl. He starts with an antler or block of wood, which can vary from exotic hard woods to the beautiful Mesquite wood of the Lone Star State. Using a lathe, the desired shape emerges and he meticulously sands and polishes it, finishing it off with some gorgeous handcrafted metal parts or stain to match the motif—turning it into a beautiful product to be sold through his store and quickly shipped anywhere in the United States.

Here is Jake in the process of making a bowl out of Magnolia wood.

13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Handcrafts Stunningly Beautiful Masterpieces

I enjoy the feeling of hard work and finishing something I can be proud of and that other people want.

Jake’s parents, David and Theresa Guy have encouraged him to pursue his passions in life. We asked David what he thought of his son’s talent and interest in woodworking, “Every child needs a hobby, something they can pour their heart into; Jake has a passion for creating something from nothing,” he went on to say, “It’s our job as parents to help our children find what they’re good at and come along side them to support their passion and encourage them to shoot for the moon.”

13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Handcrafts Some Stunningly Beautiful Masterpieces

David and Theresa Guy and their five kids.

Jake’s dad David is no stranger to starting a successful business. For more than 20 years, as founder and CEO of Pioneer Design Studios, he has helped clients all over the country grow their business by providing high-quality design and marketing services. David was able to provide Jake with direction on selling his products online and Jake has quickly learned how to manage his website, blog and social media pages.

I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without the support of my parents and the valuable training I’ve received from older craftsman.

Jake’s hard work and determination over the past few years recently paid off, after he won first place in the wood and metal category at the Angelina County Youth Fair in 2014. But, the story isn’t finished yet for this award-winning entrepreneur – we’ll be excited as we watch this talented young man continue to grow in his skills as he provides high-quality handcrafted products for an ever growing following!

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Take a look at a few of his most popular products below…

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