Photographer Samantha Boos captured these precious photos of Brandon and Brianne Dow and the moment when Brandon found out he was going to be a dad!

When Brianne Dow, 24, found out that she was pregnant, she didn’t tell her husband right away

Instead, Brianne staged a photoshoot with their wedding photographer and told Brandon they had won her session giveaway

When the couple arrived at the park, Samantha had them stand back-to-back and gave each a chalkboard

“I told them to write three words that describe each other on their chalkboards,” Samantha explained

When the two were told to turn around and face each other, Brianne showed her board which read “You’re going to be a daddy”

“Brandon’s reaction was priceless when he read her board,” Samantha added

The guy just couldn’t hold his tears…

And he hugged his wife dearly

Their baby is due in February and they couldn’t be happier!

While it was hard for Brianne to keep such a secret, it was totally ‘worth it’!

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